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Incredible Banana Bread

Until yesterday, I believed that Abebe hated banana bread. I’ve made a few versions in the past, all with nuts, chocolate chips, and/or maple syrup. So, I knew that it adding these sweet goodies into the mix were not going to change his mind about bananas in his baked goods! Only bananas cut into cute little circles for my boy.

But, I was inspired to test it again for two reasons: 1) seeing all those bananas on my counter starting to turn, and 2) finding this incredible-looking banana bread from Chocolate Covered Katie. I made a few minor changes: I used barley flour since I didn’t have spelt, and I lined my loaf pan with parchment paper, rather than grease it. I don’t think these affected the outcome…


Either my lil’ man’s taste buds really have changed, or this is just one amazing recipe!

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